It took me travelling the world to find my passion for photography. Venturing out to new horizons, embracing different cultures, climbing some of the tallest mountains I have ever seen & taking any chance I could to capture the beauty I saw. While I'm so incredibly lucky to not only live in a beautiful part of Australia, this job of mine also allows me to continue to travel all over the world. 

I want to be your travel buddy, your new bestie, your kids Aunty, third wheel at your wedding & to hear about your life - all while capturing it. I want to capture your wedding day with all your closest family & friends, your newborns' yawns & milk drunk lips, your family of five running down the beach, a baby bump being cherished or helping you with your brands image.

Your life's incredible turning points captured in my candid, honest photography.  I am flexible, I take my time, I don't rush.  There may only be one of me but I will do everything in my power to make sure you are nothing less that captivated with the end result.  I love what I do & being able to capture precious moments in peoples lives is such an honor & privilege.  I have some of the most amazing clients all over the world & I'm looking forward to adding you to that list!

So, What's your love story?

Hayley x


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