The Birth Day

The most adventuous day of your life, captured in beautiful photos. The Birth Day is a team of three Gold Coast based birth photographers passionate about freezing the most important moment in your baby’s life - their first breath, the first time your eyes meet, the incredible journey of labour that you go through in order to meet your baby.

Whether this is your first (or your fourth) baby, each life changing event creates a unique experience, worthy of remembering forever. What’s more, your defining event deserves to be documented in a natural, supportive, low-key manner. Truly, if there ever was a time to entrust yourself to the capable and experienced hands of a professional birth photographer, this is it.

We look forward to working with you and capturing your story, which will, no doubt, become one of the most significant heirlooms your family will treasure for a lifetime.

Lana, Hayley & Sarah

“Having both our births photographed is one of the best decisions we have ever made. Lana captured the most important moments of our lives and for this I’m so grateful. Our 4 and 2 year old regularly ask to watch their videos and it is so special to share with them. If you’re thinking ‘Should I?’ I say yes you should! You will never get this moment again and believe me it is the most amazing moment of your life.”
— Karen Steeles Hammond, Believe Breathe Birth

Your Day

Due to the ‘on call’ nature of birth photography, we work together as a team, taking turns to be available to you 24 hours a day which means you have our undivided attention when it’s time to meet your sweet new person. Upon arrival, your photographer will capture your birth story in full, remaining for around an hour after baby is born, to document those first family hugs.

Artistic birth photography means you’re working with someone who fully understands the birth process and how to capture it in the most beautiful way possible. Between us, we’ve attended hundreds of births, each one amazing and awe-inspiring in it’s own way.

Partners can concentrate on being with you rather than taking photos and allow us focus on capturing your connection in beautiful, heartfelt images.


“We are so blown away with the amazing job Lana did capturing Thea’s birth. My husband is a photographer and had always taken our birth photos but this meant he couldn’t always be with me and he wasn’t in any of the photos. I barely knew Lana was there, and when I was aware of her presence, she was a calm and comforting influence. We will always treasure these photos and the film she made us for the rest of our lives. We are eternally grateful for the amazing job she did.”
— - Cara Flack


It's best to book your birth session as early as possible as we can only schedule a finite number of births per month. This also means you have the option of paying your birth session fee over the course of your pregnancy. Our birth day packages start at $1500, this includes being on call for your birth 24 hours a day from 39 weeks until your birthing day and all edited digital files. Of course the custom birth videos are amongst our most popular products and most of our clients choose to add this to their session for $450.