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dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s

What needs to be paid upfront?

Your session fee is $700 - this must be paid in full before your session to secure your date/time.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! I completely understand that your memories are an investment, so custom payment plans are available. However deposit must be paid in full before session. You can also pay off any upgraded package, however no products or images will be delivered until paid in full.

How do we receive our images?

You will receive an online gallery ready to view & share up to 2 weeks after your session. You will have 60+ images to view & choose your favourites. They are all edited and in Hi-resolution. Once you have chosen your package & paid in full, a download link will be provided. Usb, products etc will then be delivered anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending on size of package.

What is your delivery timeline

Online Session gallery, up to 2 weeks after session date. You will have 7 days to choose your images for your package. Download link available as soon as payment is made in full. USB/Prints/Album will be delivered between 2-4 weeks after package chosen.

session information

which location should we choose?

There are 2 general options for the location of your shoot; in your home or at an outdoor location. Both of these options are beautiful & you should make the choice based on what you’re hoping to get out of your images. Are you looking for a more carefree hang out at home? Or perhaps spending the day at your favourite beach or your in-laws farm is how you like to spend time? are you hoping for a few romantic shots of you and your partner in your home? Take some time to think about what you’re hoping to get out of these images before choosing your location. You want your session to feel & capture you.

I am thinking of an indoor home session, what do we do?

There can be nothing more comfy & carefree than shooting a family in their own home. Just imagine your kids jumping with glee on your bed while you come in with your partner to all collapse in the blankets & pillows in a heap of laughter, cuddles & tickles! If you choose an in-home session, I am thrilled to be a part of your everyday interactions. An in-home session often allows kids to relax more and gives space for the family pet to photobomb & be involved. I can capture whatever makes you a family - reading stories, making pancakes, having a kitchen dance party or just hanging out in the backyard. The options are really endless!

how do we prep our home for the session & what time is best?

The best time of day for an indoor shoot is morning to midday, so please keep that in mind if you are working around schedules. A few things to think about when being captured in your home is making sure the main areas (bedrooms & living room) are clutter free as possible. That doesn’t mean you need to worry about making the windows sparkle, it just means any misc items out of the way so we don’t trip walking around. Once I arrive I will always ask you to show me around first so we can set the intention of the session & I can view the best lit areas. Having plain coloured bedlinen if possible can go a long way, natural & lighter colours will always look best in photos. this allows you to stand out, (not your black & silver floral bedlinen!) & it won’t date any images either.

we have no idea which outdoor location will look best, can you help?

100%! I have locations all over the Gold Coast that I love to have sessions at & all for different reasons. We will chat to discuss what you love to do and what location suits you best - I would never make you have a beach session if you hate sand! what’s great about outdoor locations is we get to interact with the environment, this makes nearly every session slightly different. We have the opportunity to capture magic in beautiful lighting, have the wind blow your loves curls around their ears, get our feet wet in turquoise waters, cinematic stormy skies & the greenest of valleys.

what time is best for outdoor?

With any session we are guided by light. This means capturing either first light or last. Summer sunrise sessions are breathtaking & the coolest part of the day, however it can be too early for some people & I totally get that! This can be as early as 4am. Winter months are kinder to our sleep at around 6am, but it can be quite chilly - but both are totally worth the wake up! Sunset sessions are by far the most popular & start from 1-1.5hrs before sunset. I understand that this can be right on little-ones dinner time, so please make sure you give them snacks before the session to keep their energy up, nobody likes to be hangry! This session is only once a year so having them up a little later will be worth it!

how do we get ready for an outdoor session, what do we bring?

depending on the location can depend what you bring. For example, if we have a beach session and it is quite warm, bring your swimmers and jump in at the end! Is your child obsessed with a certain toy? they can totally bring it with them. You may not think right now its the nicest thing to look at, but it is a snapshot of their personality! Feel free to bring a blanket to lay or sit on, a guitar if someone plays or your favourite picnic snack. make sure you have the kids covered in sunscreen & possibly mossie spray too if we are out in the valley.

how long will our session take?

family, maternity & lover sessions can take anywhere between 1-2hrs. This really depends on location/weather/kids etc, so please make sure that you are available for that amount of time. Newborn sessions are around 3-4hrs on average - this allows for feeding, changing and lots of cuddles!

wardrobe & styling

what are your suggestions for clothing?

Let’s take a deep breath before we begin! The idea of picking out a wardrobe for you (& everyone else!) for the shoot can seem a little overwhelming. I completely understand & I can work with you to help you achieve cohesive & aesthetically pleasing outfits. first thing first - you wear what is comfortable and is you. If you are always wearing jeans (hello, me over here!), then don’t feel forced to put on a skirt and top. Get those ‘ol bad boys out and wear them proudly! In saying that, clothing that has movement always looks beautiful on women & girls so flowy dresses, tops or skirts.

What are the do’s & Don’ts?

* Stick with light, paler, neutral colours to start, then you can add patterns/textures. Avoid fluorescent or bright colours. * Layer your clothing in winter to add depth & texture - think hats, scarves etc. * Be comfortable! * Plain V-neck T’s are always great for Boys & Men, as collard shirts can look stiff if they don’t normally wear them. * No logos or words, these will date your images & take the focus of the emotion of the image.

The what if’s

what happens if someone is sick?

Life happens, people get sick, I totally get it! If someone (esp kids & husbands ha!) are not their best & you know that it is just going to make it worse by taking them outside, or that they are contagious, please let me know as soon as possible. This way we can look at re-scheduling right away. If I am sick I will give you the same courtesy. With newborn sessions I will never work when sick!

The weather is forecasted to be raining, what do we do?

If the schedule prior to our shoot is looking terrible I will set up a back-up date in preparation. In saying that, the weatherman can be really wrong, so I do like to leave calling the session off until that day. I will be in touch up to 2 hours prior (if it’s up & down) at the very latest to re-schedule. This can happen time to time with rain & storms, however, don’t underestimate the beauty of stormy skies and the wind!

Have I missed something? Make sure you email or call, I’m happy to help with any queries!


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